Why Your Auto Dealership Should be Using Ringless Direct VoiceMail®

Nearly 85% of the outbound phone calls made by your dealership’s BDC or sales team phone never reach a live person, …..they end up in voicemail. Most of your staff can only make 30 to 60 sales calls per day.  

Direct VoiceMail® liberates you from repetitive out-bound calling, and repeating the same sales pitch into a customer’s voicemail. Maximize your team’s time wisely by concentrating their efforts on inbound prospects who are interested in purchasing a vehicle or signing up for service.  

Direct VoiceMail® Pricing

AMG Direct Voicemail Pricing

What is ringless Direct Voicemail®?

AMG’s Direct VoiceMail® is a specialized marketing and lead generation tool, which is purposed for mass marketing to your automotive dealership’s customer database during a sales event.  

Direct VoiceMail® delivers a pre-recorded, highly persuasive call-to-action voicemail message directly to your customer database without their phone ringing. Direct VoiceMail® works on both cell phones, and landline phone systems.

What you get with Direct VoiceMail®

  • High Response Rates and Return on Investment (ROI) Reporting
  • Free Script Writing and Recording

  • Fast Service and Competitive Pricing
  • Start Your Campaign in Minutes
  • Best Practices as a Service

  • Daily Multiple Drops Thoughout Your Sales Event
  • Guaranteed Results  

What are the best practices of ringless Direct VoiceMail®?


You have the option of AMG writing and recording your high-response message or you can supply your own for each ringless Direct VoiceMail® campaign. 

Pie Chart

Your best return on investment occurs when the message is an 30 seconds long, is stated as a “friend-to-friend” message (rather than a commercial type recording), and is sent to your dealership’s customer database.


The message itself must state a clear purpose of offering a unique, limited customer-benefit and require a simple and easy next step for the customer to take in order to take advantage of the unique benefit.


The message must state the name of the person calling and request a call back to the same number programmed as the Caller ID.  


Responses to our Direct VoiceMail® campaigns are extremely high, so we suggest sending no more than 500 - 750 individuals in your database per day.


The best results are also achieved when sending your messages between 10am-6pm or later depending on the dealership’s staff size and store hours.

Direct VoiceMail® Eliminates...

  • Dialing phone numbers
  • Ringing the phone
  • Waiting for an answer
  • Negotiating with reception
  • Being put on hold
  • Waiting for the right party to attend the phone
  • Getting thrown into voicemail
  • Verbally repeating another message into voice mail 

All these activities cost valuable time and delay your selling cycle. Pay your dealership’s sales team to negotiate and close deals from inbound calls. Spend less time on repetitious tasks, and accelerate your outbound campaigns with unprecedented speed. 

Common Direct VoiceMail® Campaigns

  • Follow-up to direct mail and digital marketing campaigns
  • Enhancing Staffed Sales Event response rates
  • Client retention and appreciation calls 
  • Special invitations from the Owner, CEO or General Manager 
  • Daily Service Department Reminder Campaigns 
  • Jump-starting a sale before the direct mail hits homes

It’s a perfectly stated enervator pitch for your pre-owned, new car, and service departments at your dealership! Your customers and prospects will never know that you used Direct VoiceMail® to clone your voice, and multiply your phone calling efforts. They hear a genuine 1-to-1, personal call from you offering them something special. Your personal message even resonates with those who are not in the buying cycle now, so that they actively think to seek you out when the time comes to make that decision.

Our Direct VoiceMail® Success Stories

“I have never seen anything work like this in a pinch. We had a weather event that slowed the post office from dropping the mail into homes on time and we called AMG for a solution. They sent out 1,000 Direct VoiceMail® messages to our customer database for two days in a row and we scheduled 27 appointments before the mail finally hit. They saved our sales event!”

Joe G., Oklahoma City, OK

“Thank you, Adam! The voicemail blast you sent out for us last Thursday - Saturday brought in over $26K gross profit. Not a bad ROI on $1,400 spent.”

N. Jordan, Dallas, TX

“Overall, service was excellent, the job was executed exactly as requested, on time and within budget. I look forward to the next job.”

JP. Mississauga

“Thank you for reacting so fast to my urgent call. Our dealership was getting too many calls today and couldn’t handle them all, while being short-staffed. Crank it back up today - they are ready to roll. Never had a dealer call me and say we were getting them too high of a response rate before. Good problem to have. Love this program! Thanks!”

M. Kelley, TX Automotive Ad Agency

“Let’s do it again. This is one of the best marketing solutions I’ve done in years.”

 Greg F., Foster Automotive Group

“Your voicemail campaign works - big time! And your advice about what to say in the message worked perfectly. Thank you!”

 Daren G., Community Group

Customer Response Rates

Most individuals will listen fully to a voice mail message before deleting, especially to an unfamiliar message. Very few will delete a voice message without learning who it’s from, and what it’s about. This aspect gets your message heard. 

Recipients return the call at their leisure, instead of being forced to engage with a live call, at an inopportune time. This further reduces the annoyance factor. 

Direct VoiceMail® messaging is much more acceptable, and tolerated than with a ringing phone. The complaint factor will be reduced almost to zero.  

Delivering 500-750 Direct VoiceMail® messages throughout the day produces an 8% average call-back volume, or 40-60 inbound prospects calling your dealership throughout each day.  

Even with a low closing percentage of 10% and a low gross profit margin of $2,000 between the front and back end of each unit sold… your dealership brings in an extra $8,000 - $12,000 from just sending 500 - 750 Direct VoiceMail® messages.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Direct VoiceMail® 

What is Direct VoiceMail®?

Direct VoiceMail® is ringless automatic voice message delivery system. We take a message recorded by you, and drop it inside everyone’s voicemail. Their phone never rings.

How do you deliver a recorded message?

We access the local phone company computer system and deliver a recorded voice message directly into a resident’s voice mail box.

How do I get started?

First, sign up for your campaign through the order button below. Pre-pay for the service online or with a check-by-fax or email. 

How fast can my campaign start?

Typically 24 hours, but we know how our clients love same day service and we can usually make it happen if the the message and list is in our possession when you sign up.

How many messages can you deliver?

We can deliver thousands of messages per day.

When do you make the calls?

All within sanctioned government calling regulations. Best practices is between 10am - 6pm.

How do I pay for the service?

This service can be paid online or check-by-fax or check-by-email.

Who records the message?

You can record the message, but we have in-house staff that will help you.

What is the maximum length of the message?

The recorded message must be less than 30 seconds. Highest response rate and ROI messages come from messages 20-25 seconds. We can record it for you or write the perfect script and give it to you. Our script writing is free.

What does the message sound like after its delivered?

Message quality is identical to your initial recording.

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