Closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be starts with data!

Most businesses struggle with who to precisely target. How do we procure lists targeting the 20% of potential customers who deliver 80% of our objective? What communication methods will most effectively reach them? To answer your questions, AMG has created an easy questionnaire that allows us to conduct the research you need. AMG then provides you with a free report and cost estimate outlining their demographic attributes, preferred communication vehicles, and the total potential population of customers in your market. Fuel your growth with better data. Get your free report today!

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Data Management

Hygiene Cleanse: Standardization, Suppression, De-Duplication, National Change of Address (NCOA), CASS Certify, Concatenation and CRM

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Data Analysis

Three Levels of "Like-for-Like" Data Analysis Reports

List Services

Data Procurement

B2B List Procurement, B2C List Procurement, Specialty List Procurement, and Customer Demographics Append

"WOW" Your Audience!

Your targeted audience expects you to “WOW!” them. That means you have to know their offline and online patterns, buying behaviors, and interests. AMG offers you the most comprehensive data management, analysis and procurement solutions available today and we will provide you direct access to the perfect audiences that will effectively drive better marketing results both offline and online.